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Most HemorrhoidsCure.com visitors are already suffering from painful hemorrhoids. If you have been silently suffering from this condition for awhile, then you have come to the right place. The following discussion is focused on the causes and treatments for hemorrhoids.

The first thing that you have to understand about hemorrhoids is that they are usually not serious or life threatening. Do not be anxious or worried just because you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids which are fairly common.   A hemorrhoid that has been bothering you for days may be located in your rectum or just outside the rectal region. Why do hemorrhoids bleed? When a person defecates, he often uses consistent squeezing motions to coax out the feces.

This continual squeezing motion can actually damage a hemorrhoid, and this in turn can cause the bleeding. This is the reason why hemorrhoid sufferers often see fresh blood when they visit the bathroom. We have to emphasize that if you are indeed suffering from a hemorrhoid, it’s fresh blood and not dark blood that you should be seeing.

Fresh blood means the source of the blood is “nearby,” or within the proximity of anus. Dark blood means that blood had to travel a certain distance through the GI tract before it reached the anus. Dark, bloody stool may be a sign that you are suffering from a different medical condition.

If you have visited your doctor, and your doctor has not prescribed anything for you, it’s possible that your case of hemorrhoids is minor and does not require invasive procedures.  That means it is up to you alleviate the symptoms, and address the causes, of your hemorrhoids. Here are some expert tips that will help reduce the swelling of your hemorrhoids:

  • Most hemorrhoid sufferers don’t visit the bathroom very often, because they’re busy or they just don’t feel like it. If your bathroom schedule is causing your stools to harden, you have to modify it. For example, if your bowel movement occurs only once every two days, try visiting the bathroom in the morning, once per day.
  • Fiber supplementation may be used if your current diet does not supply a sufficient amount of fiber to get rid of all the solid waste materials in your colon. However, we must emphasize here that in the long term, permanent modification of your diet is the real solution to your problem. If you are able to add a lot of high fiber grains, fruits, and vegetables to your diet, you will probably never have to deal with hemorrhoids ever again.
  • Some people feel constipated because they don’t respond to the natural urge to visit the bathroom quickly enough. For example, many people put off visiting the bathroom because they are so busy with household chores or work. Do this frequently enough, and you can be sure that hemorrhoids will eventually bother you, because the body will find it more difficult to expel hardening feces.
  • Drink plenty of water. Try drinking eight glasses of water a day to naturally soften your stool.